Inter County Boys U13 Stage 2 23-11-14

Having qualified for the finals playoff group, the boys were faced with the massive challenge to qualify in a group that contained both Essex and Surrey, along with Lincolnshire whom they had already beaten in stage 1.

The team beat Lincolnshire again in the first match, and in a more convincing fashion than the previous stage which was impressive.

Next followed Surrey, who were far too strong across all 5 strings as expected. Tommy Ramsay used a great change in tactics to take a game of his opponent which was the best moment in a one sided fixture.

Against Essex (another extremely well developed squad, and a model of what we are aiming for in Cambridgeshire) the team performed well and made the opposition work for their wins. Max Fenton-Stone again produced a great example of retrieving and defensive work to produce pressure on his opponent, wearing him down mentally and physically to win the match.

Team manager Dan McGinn made an important point though.......most of the team are well under the age limit, and will have gained vital experience from this seasons championships that can be used next year as they will still fall into the U13 category.

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