Cambridge Squash Exchange

Dear All
   Zafer Bilen has set up a facebook group and a whatsapps group to help people arrange games across clubs in the country. Please see the Information below.

The purpose of this group is mainly to post squash matches to find a partner to play within Cambridgeshire. Please join and enjoy the squash. 
This could improve squash in Cambridge. If you are having difficulty finding playing partners at certain times, or you setup a match or training and your partner had to cancel and you want to find someone quickly, just submit and see how it goes. 

The group rule is very simple, be polite... 
1. In order to arrange a match, submit a post with Player Name, Location, Time, Your Squash Level and Range of SL you would like to play and if there is cost i.e. visitors fee etc. 
2. Then people, who want to play the submitter shall respond/reply to the post, not to the main thread so not to mix things up until the match has been set up. 
3. The submitter responds to the replier picking one of them and agrees the terms, i.e. time, places etc. And, submitter sends last post to inform the group members that the match has been organised. 
4. If the players agree, they could inform the group of the result or delete the original submitted post. 

Sample Post 
Player Name: John Smith (SL:4000) 
Club : Comberton 
Time : 21 Jan Sat - (17:00 to 19:00) 
SL Range : (3000 - 6000) 
Additional Fee: No or (£4 guess fee) 
Match agreed. 

Please find the facebook or whatsapp group links below to join; if you have an issue please send me a message on 07709 909 505 or my email: zbilen@hotmail.com. 
I would appreciate it, if you could share this information with your club members and friends whom might be interested. 
Also, junior parents are also welcome to submit posts to organise games for their children. 

In order to find or distinguish the group a yellow squash vegetable selected. 



Squash Levels: 

Note: If you don't already know; if you have played any competitive squash at county level, you will have a squash level, you can find yourself on the above link. If you don’t have one don’t worry, if you know someone close to your level use their level as a reference. 
SL: Squash Level. 

Kind Regards, 
Zafer Bilen 

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