Inter County Girls U17 First Round 11-10-14

Derbyshire is a beautiful county, renowned for the great motorcycling roads. But that wasn’t why we went. There was business to be done.
Yorkshire had travelled up the day before to be fresh for the competition and Derbyshire just rolled out of their beds.  We (not all) took the strategic move of turning a 2 hour journey into a 3 hour just to distract our younger passengers.
Our team : 5. Hannah Gingel, 4. Charlotte Bamford, 3. Casey Miller, 2. Nadine El-Refee, 1. Emily Fuller V Yorkshire
Yorkshire had already played their first match and it showed.  They were more comfortable, as the nerves had been tested earlier and had experience of the courts.
Because of this Yorkshire got off to a strong start taking the first 3 rubbers at 5, 4 and 3.  This would change in the second match as we were now ready to play.
Emily stepped in, losing the first two games she re-grouped to even the scores 2-2 with a patient, thoughtful game.  The back to basics approach proved fruitful working her opponent too hard but it was not to be.  Their No. 1 regained energy, doubled her efforts and took the fifth game.  A close and exciting 3-2 loss.
Nadine tied at 1-1 asserted her quality length/short game.  Great attacking deep balls with assertive cut offs in the front of the court. Nice! Thinking her way out of a hole the quality of hitting and finishing went up and she took the rubber 3-1.
A good performance from all players with the experience of the 1 and 2 showing that there is no substitute for it.
The Derbyshire tie proved to be a little easier having found our feet and settled the nerves.
Hannah took up the reigns and rattled out a 3-0 victory.  Out running and out hitting her opponent a happy but tired Hannah sat contentedly after the match with a big smile.
Charlotte Had a really close game but her opponent found more consistent length on her home courts.  Charlotte once again, having lost 1-3 in a good hard fought match, gave a big grin and remarked “Well I tried!”  Yes you did!  Good game!
Casey went 0-1 down.  Using her agility and speed she quickly made up ground.  Her opponent got tired and confused as the ball kept coming back!  Casey wrapped up the rubber taking the next three games.
Emily and Nadine outclassed their opponents in the final two rubbers closing out their matches easily (or so it seemed) both winning 3-0.  That’s experience for you…
So.  Yorkshire won.  Cambs came second.
These two teams will go through to the next round.
Bring it on!
Andy D’A

Cambs Squash is sponsored Redmayne Arnold & Harris